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June 2020

On behalf of Magnolia Farms RV Park, we (Ryan, Danielle, Sunshine, and Shadow) welcome all new and returning guests! Thank you for choosing us! This newsletter is also available on the “newsletter” tab on our website.

What’s happening this month:

6/12 @ 9:00a.m - Donut Day! Join us in the clubhouse for gourmet donuts from Lickin’ Good Donuts and unlimited hot coffee.

6/20 @ 12:30p.mTie Dye Mania! Meet us on the covered patio at the clubhouse to tie dye your favorite items. Please bring something white that you want to make colorful and fun! Make sure to pre-wash your item!

6/27 @ 5:30p.mSummertime BBQ cookout. We’re grillin’ dogs on the covered patio! Come eat, play games, and relax. Bring your favorite beverage!


· The magical poop fairy doesn’t live here J. It is MANDATORY that everyone pick up their dog’s poop. We thank you all for helping us keep things clean.

· Please remember that all dogs must be on a leash for their safety and the safety of others.

· Please make sure to drive in the correct (one-way) direction.

If you have any questions, comments, issues, or concerns please come to a staff member. We have the business phone on us 24/7 and welcome you to give us a call. Our number is (251) 928-7335.

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