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MAY 2020

On behalf of Magnolia Farms RV Park, we (Ryan, Danielle, Sunshine, and Shadow) welcome all new and returning guests! Thank you for choosing us! This newsletter is also available on the “newsletter” tab on our website. You will find the monthly calendar of events there as well!

We are now open on Saturdays from 10:00a.m until 4:00p.m! We are happy to announce that the clubhouse will be open May 1st with some exceptions: · Do not enter the clubhouse if you are symptomatic (ie. Fever, cough, etc.) · Maintain safe distancing as directed by the CDC. · Please have only a few members in your group as directed by the CDC. · Wash or sanitize your hands before entering.

On May 8 keep an eye out for ice cream and popsicles! We will be riding around to each site with an icy cooler full of yummy treats!

Please read the following as we have some very important information listed below:

· The WiFi passwords have been updated for A, B, and C sections. The new password is GLAMP3R*

· The office is now back in regular operations. Sometimes, we are out and about in the park and are not always inside of the office - if the open sign is displayed, you may come into the office to get your mail and packages.

· Please do not put anything other than household garbage in the dumpster (ie. Water heaters, doors, car parts, junk, etc.). The dump is a 5-minute drive due north of us. Also – please be considerate of your neighbors and do not put the remnants of your fishing trip in the dumpster (ie. Fish guts, bait, etc.). *Please throw your trash bags into the back of the dumpster and break down any boxes.

· Mail will now be only available to guests that reside in the park year-round (seasonal or transient guests may not have mail sent here). Anyone, regardless of length of their stay, may have packages delivered. Please make sure that you put your lot number on your mail and deliveries. The privacy of our guests is a high priority so please only get your own mail unless management has made other arrangements with you.

· We must have an updated list of everyone’s email and phone numbers. Please email with your name, number, and email by May 31, 2020. We will be using email to connect with our guests to give helpful updates on park information.

· *FYI – The magical poop fairy doesn’t live here J. It is MANDATORY that everyone pick up their dog’s poop. Thank you for helping us keep things clean.

If you have any questions, comments, issues, or concerns please come to a staff member. We have the business phone on us 24/7 and welcome you to give us a call. Our number is (251) 928-7335.

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